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Debbie Lyn Jones, Information Technology Manager I and Norfolk State University Webmaster, manages the Norfolk State University websites 206 websites (2352 webpages, 2,768 files, 4,052 images), is the Content Management System Administrator & SharePoint 2007 Client Side Administrator (207 SharePoint sites). The NSU Webmaster is also the point of contact for the assigned 66 Website Content Editors and 88 Website Content Contributors.   learn more

Please note that the NSU Webmaster is the main point of contact for the Norfolk State University website. There are no additional employees.  Thank you.

Point of Contact:

Debbie Lyn Jones
Information Technology Manager I
Norfolk State University Webmaster

Office of Communications and Marketing
Harrison B. Wilson Hall, Suite 346
Norfolk, Virginia 23504-8060

Phone: (757) 823-8162
Email: djones@nsu.edu

For the Public: webmaster@nsu.edu

For Assigned NSU Website Content Editors & Contributors:  website@nsu.edu


In order to comply with VITA Policy regarding website change requests, the site owner is required to make requests via email or a signed form. Third party requests or in-person / meeting request do not meet the criteria for compliance.

Email the NSU Webmaster the location (website address), indicate if it is a change - addition - deletion or request for troubleshooting. All requests are required to be made through email and not using a third-party. Requests must come directly from either the department head or website content editor or contributor.


Training sessions for the current Website Content Management System Percussion CM1 are no longer being held. Please see the training schedule at WebZONE for Kentico. Login using your NSU userid/password. If off campus, please use your NSU email address/password.  

Please note that some of the training for Kentico, is "By invitation only", since it is hands-on training and a userid/password is required.  NSU Website Content Editors for Kentico might be different from the ones within Percussion. Please see the FORMS link at the top of this page to see both listings

The NSU Website is currently going through a redesign and as such, the NSU Website Editors and Contributors assigned to Kentico may schedule hands-on training with the NSU Webmaster, to assist them with understanding how to migrate their website over.

Please see my main page (home) for additional information pertaining to this website project regarding the site migration and Kentico.  For this project, I am only technical support, please contact the Web Project Manager, Regina Lightfoot with any questions or concerns regarding this project.