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NSU Career Services Offers Job Search Tips

(NSU NEWSROOM--March 11, 2014)--NSU Career Services recently held its annual Spring Career Fair at the Student Center. Several hundred students and alumni attended the event to meet and interact with prospective employers from both the public and private sectors. Students were dressed in business attire with their resumes in-hand, prepared and eager to meet with potential employers in fields such as education, banking, insurance and the military. Nash D. Montgomery, director of career services/veterans affairs at Norfolk State University, provided the NSU Newsroom with tips for students preparing to graduate and enter the job market.

Q. What is the best way for a student to be prepared to enter the job market upon graduation?

A. Students should research the job market and take advantage of the services and programs that (NSU) Career Services offers. We help students with resume writing, developing interview skills and we refer students to prospective employers. Students should also attend career fairs to network, exchange information with employers and research those jobs in demand.


Q. What sort of companies attended the spring job fair?

A. We had representation from the private and public sectors attending this event. For example, we had insurance and banking companies such as GEICO and SunTrust. We also had recruiters from government agencies such the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National Security Agency.

Q. When is the best time for a student to begin looking for work in a career specific to their major?

A. As soon as they declare a major. However, most employers offer internship opportunities upon completion of the student’s sophomore year. Therefore, we encourage students to seek internship between the sophomore and junior year. They should seek internship opportunities to gain practical experience in their major. We also encourage students to start sending out resumes for full-time opportunities the semester before graduation.

Q. Would you please share a story about a student who was able to land a position as a result of this job fair?

A. We had an alumna who attended the event who graduated in 2010. By attending events like this, the student landed a position with the National Security Agency. When she was a student, the agency visited the campus to discuss their internship/cooperative education programs. She applied and was accepted. Upon completion of the program and graduation, she applied for a full-time position and was hired.


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