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Students Will Volunteer During Spring Break

(NSU NEWSROOM--Feb. 22, 2014)--Several Norfolk State University students will skip the beach next month during spring break and will instead participate in volunteer activities at several Norfolk community organizations.

The NSU Office of Student Activities has organized the Alternative Spring Break program for students interested in volunteerism over a four-day period. Nearly a half-dozen students will get first-hand experience about homelessness, hunger and poverty, the environment and sustainable housing. The University’s spring break is March 10-16, and this is the first time a Local Alternative Spring Break program has been offered.

Some of the activities will include students aiding in the construction of a home for a low-income family and also assisting at a local food bank.

“This will give students a chance to connect with members of community organizations and learn about a variety of social issues in the City of Norfolk,” said Shakara Helaire, a graduate assistant in the Office of Student Activities, who organized the program.

The undergraduate students participating in the effort include Justine Boyce, of Virginia Beach, a junior hospitality/tourism major; Desiree Dubose, of Portsmouth, a biology pre-professional major; Marcus Barco, of Chesapeake, a history major; Nakia Speaks, of Waverly, nursing major; and Nikole Reap, of Columbus, Ga., a nursing major.

The students said they are excited to participate in the volunteer activities.

“I usually don’t do much for spring break,” said Boyce, 20. “This will be good because it is a way to get in touch with the community and help people.”

CAPTION: (From right to left) Nakia Speaks, Marcus Barco, Justine Boyce and (center) Shakara Helaire. Reap and Dubose were not photographed.

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