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Spartans Use Snow Days To Study, Build Sculptures

(NSU NEWSROOM--Feb. 01, 2014)--Ramarro Thompson couldn’t wait to get his hands into the snow outside the Charles H. Smith Residence Hall this week.

The 21-year-old, who is a senior building construction major, was on a mission to build his first-ever snowman with a friend after he was done with his classes.

“I’ve never seen snow like this before. There is enough on the ground to put something together,” said Thompson, of Portsmouth.

He was one of the many Norfolk State University students on campus who took advantage of classes being canceled at the University for two days this week due to a winter snowstorm that dropped between five to 10 inches of snow throughout much of Hampton Roads.

NSU students returned to classes on Friday, Jan. 31, after being dismissed early on Jan. 28 in advance of the winter storm.

Several Spartans built snow sculptures outside of the grounds of the Smith and Midrise residence halls, tossed snowballs at one another or tapped their boots into melted slush as they trekked to their dorm rooms in between and after classes.

Many students said they used the time in a productive way and also got a chance to meet some of their peers due to the down time.

Ariel Hicks, a 20-year-old sophomore nursing major from Danville, said she enjoyed the time off because it allowed her to study.

“It gave us time to get work done, so that was the benefit for me,” Hicks said. “I was able to get caught up on assignments and also do some extra reading in advance of my classes.”

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