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Department Offers Accelerated Degree Program

(NSU NEWSROOM--Jan. 11, 2014)--The Norfolk State University Department of Interdisciplinary Studies will offer an accelerated bachelor’s degree program that allows prospective students who meet certain academic qualifications the opportunity to complete their studies in three years.

The program includes the interdisciplinary studies core coursework that focuses on critical thinking, research methods, globalization, and communication skills combined with two distinct concentration areas—that students choose with their advisor. Possible concentration discipline areas can include but are not limited to history, sociology, psychology or biology.

“The degree prepares students for today’s fast paced, high-demand and multiple-task oriented work force,” said Khadijah O. Miller, the department head and associate professor for the department of Interdisciplinary Studies at NSU.

Miller said the accelerated program also provides a cost savings option for students. Since the University offers a flat-rate tuition for 12 to 18 credit hours, the three-year degree program will reduce undergraduate costs, given the reduced stay at NSU. The program is in tandem with the department’s accelerated program for transfer students, who meet certain requirements to complete their studies in approximately two years.

Miller also said the accelerated program is a helpful recruiting tool for prospective students. The College of Liberal Arts’ Curriculum Committee and the University’s Curriculum Committee both approved the accelerated curriculum plan in the summer.

Miller said graduates of the program are now lawyers, bank managers, educators and many students have earned professional degrees. She said the department has initiated a recruitment effort to attract high-achieving high school students who are interested in three-year degree programs. Current students can also enter the accelerated program if they meet the requirements, she said.

The department also offers the bachelor of science online degree in addition to military-specific curriculum. For more information about the NSU Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, please visit the website at http://sola.nsu.edu/int/index.html.

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