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Nelson A. Weston

Major: Master's in Media and Communications/Focus: Public Relations

Class:1st Year Graduate Student

Hometown:Greenville, South Carolina

profile_Nelson.pngOne of the great things about NSU is the small size of both the campus and my classes. Having a small campus allows me to see familiar faces on a day-to- day basis and makes it easier to make friends. Being in a small class grants me the opportunity to engage one-on-one with my professors and allows them to easily learn my name and get to know me better as a student. 

Although I am relatively new here, to both the school and the city, one of my professors has already been a key asset in assisting me on my journey. My professor, Dr. William Hart, has shared with me various tips and provided insight into ways that I could further my young career. Currently, I am an aspiring actor seeking to have a career in film and television in the future. I've already begun to gain traction in achieving this goal since I started working as a professional voice over actor two years ago. Then, about six months ago, I acquired a booking agent that opened up even more auditions and voice over jobs for me. I shared all this information with my professor and he then shared with me some valuable insight. Dr. Hart informed me about the upcoming film festival that the actor Tim Reid was doing with NSU. Learning about the film festival granted me the opportunity to both meet Mr. Reid and sign up to volunteer at the upcoming festival, which I hope will grant me insight and knowledge on the development of independent films.   

Attending NSU, or any HBCU, is a life-changing event like no other. Like with any educational experience, you get out of it what you put into it. Although the school is predominantly comprised of African-American students, there is still a great deal of diversity here. On campus I have seen many students of various races and ethnic groups and many of them come from all around the globe. Overall, I would encourage any senior in high school, any student looking to transfer to another institution or even any recent college graduate looking for a place to further their education to consider attending NSU. On a side note, it is pretty nice being able to say that your school sits literally one mile away from a beautiful harbor.


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