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 The Pact Demonstrates the Power of Friendship

Along with their packets of information, academic advising and financial aid sessions during new student orientation, Norfolk State’s first-year and transfer students are getting a copy of The Pact: Three Young Men Make a Promise and Fulfill a Dream by Sampson Davis, Rameck Hunt and George Jenkins. The book, which has been called gritty, tells the compelling story of three teenage boys who grew up in a rough Newark, N.J. neighborhood and the tough obstacles they faced as they worked to achieve their goal of going to college, graduating and becoming doctors.

Today, although the Three Doctors—as they are called—went into different medical specialties, they remain friends. Dr. Davis is a board-certified emergency medicine physician; Dr. Hunt is a board-certified internist and assistant professor of medicine, while Dr. Jenkins is a dentist and assistant clinical dentistry professor.

As part of the University’s Common Reader Program, the Three Doctors are expected to visit campus to address students, Sunday, August 18, during the University’s Welcome Week. They have been hailed as role models and are recipients of the Essence Lifetime Achievement and the BET Honors awards. Their 13-year-old Three Doctors Foundation offers free health, education and mentoring programs for youth and families in the New York/New Jersey area.

According to Faith Fitzgerald, NSU director of residence life and housing and a member of the common reader committee, the book provides opportunities for “meaningful dialogue about relevant issues that many students are likely to experience during their first year on campus.” As part of the common reader programming, students will take part in campus-wide discussions focusing on the issues in the book. Fitzgerald said that the committee also believes that the book allows faculty and students to collaborate and establish academic expectations for their first year despite personal challenges, family struggles and temporary obstacles.

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