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  NSU Cares 2013:
  Governor's Bowl Food and Fund Drive

Did you know that Virginia food banks distributed 13.4 million meals last year?
Yet, Hampton Roads area residents continue to struggle with hunger as the effects of the recession linger.

We need YOUR support to help lead the effort to eliminate hunger in our community. Donate and participate in the Governor’s Bowl, this year’s state-wide Food and Fund Drive competition.

This Food and Fund Drive runs from May 27 — July 4, and Norfolk State University is participating in this effort. Help us help others by using one of the following methods to donate and participate:

1.  Place your food items in one of the food bins at one of the following locations
     on campus by July 17:

    *   Harrison B. Wilson Hall – first floor

    *   Echols Arena

    *   Spartan Suites

    *   Lyman Beecher Brooks Library

    *   Student Services Building – second floor

    *   Student Center – first and third floors

    *   Bowser Hall Student Success Center

 2.  Deliver food items or monetary donation to the Office of the President, 5th Floor,
      Suite 510 in the Harrison B. Wilson Administration Building by July 17

 3.  Donate online at http://www.foodbankonline.org/. Please list “Norfolk State University
      Governor’s Bowl” as the Program Designation/Food and Fund Drive Name.

 4.  Create your own donation page at http://www.foodbankonline.org/

Please consider joining the Food and Fund Drive and help NSU show how much it cares for our community. Thank you!


Most Needed Items:

Protein, Meat and Fish: peanut butter, tuna, canned ham, canned chicken, beans Fruits and Vegetables: canned fruits and vegetables, 100% fruit juice, instant potatoes, fruit preserves, dried fruit

Grains: cereal, oatmeal, rice, whole grain crackers Complete Meals: pasta and sauce, boxed meals, chunky soups, stews Baby Products: powdered formula, baby food, diapers, wipes Non-perishable food in non-breakable containers please. Visit http://www.foodbankonline.org for a printable shopping list.

Contact Paula Gentius at (757) 823-8884.

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