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  Computer Science Offers New IT Degree

The College of Science, Engineering and Technology is offering a new degree program that will provide graduates with both the theoretical framework and practical skills to meet the demands of today’s information technology (IT) profession.

The new bachelor of science in information technology program is an addition to the bachelor of science in computer science degree, which is more theoretical. According to Dr. Aurelia T. Williams, chair of the Computer Science Department, IT is a relatively new discipline compared with the other sub-disciplines of computing. It is a more applied discipline—focused more on meeting the needs of users.

The new curriculum emphasizes networking and web design/management with strong emphasis on computer security and databases. “A graduate will have experiences in teamwork, planning and needs assessment,” said Dr. Williams, “while gaining an appreciation of information assurance and the societal and ethical impact of computing.”

This new emphasis comes about because of the dependence of companies on computer networks that must be managed, maintained and secured to meet their needs.

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