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Request Forms

Request Forms

Testing Center examination and proctor services are provided to students, faculty, staff and Hampton Roads residents; in support of improved access to higher education, student persistence and achievement, and professional advancement.

NSU On-Campus Test Proctoring Request Form

Faculty may schedule The NSU Testing Center or other authorized campus computer lab by submitting the NSU Testing Services Proctor Request form.

  • Faculty requests for proctored testing in the NSU Testing Center must be received at least 5 working days prior to the anticipated test day.
  • Approval of requests for proctored testing in the Testing Center will be based on availability of computer workstations.
  • Requests must be made on the official NSU Testing Services Proctor Request form.
  • Phone requests will not be accepted.
  • Proctoring will not be provided in the Testing Center for paper exams.

Remote Proctor Request Form

For NSU students requesting to take a proctored test at another institution, the Remote Proctor Request Form  must be completed by the student.

Remote Testing Policies

  • Students must have an NSU Student ID number prior to submitting a remote proctor request form.
  • The student should obtain the "Test Time Limit" and the "Preferred date for test administration" from their instructor of record.
  • All requests must be approved by the Director ( or designee and the student's instructor of record prior to taking the test.
  • Requests must be received at least 5 business days prior to the preferred test date.
  • Testing must occur at a secure postsecondary test center or for those serving in the military or foreign services, a military/government educational facility.
  • Students are responsible for all remote testing related proctoring fees.

Student Responsibilities

  • Students must locate a testing facility in their geographic area with internet access.
  • Look for community colleges, colleges, universities, or if military, bases in your area.
  • Contact the remote testing facility and make sure they are willing to proctor an assessment for you prior to contacting NSU.

Required Proctor Information

The selected remote proctor must provide the student with the following information:

  • Proctor name
  • Institution name
  • Institution website address
  • Institution mailing address
  • Proctor e-mail address
  • Proctor Phone Number
  • Proctor fax number