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  Bowling Game Options

Classic 10-Pin Bowling:
Normal Scoring. Bowling that you know and love!

7/8/9-Pin No Tap:
If the first bowl in the frame scores 7 or more, 8 or more, or 9 or more it is converted to a Strike!

Low Game:
The aim of this game is to have the lowest possible score without throwing the ball into the gutter. It is therefore necessary that the players try to knock down only one pin with each throw. The players must avoid the gutters on the first bowl because a Gutter throw is recognized as a Strike; on the second bowl a Gutter is recognized as a Spare, while all other scores are counted as normal.

In this game, the player must bowl an even number of pins to be automatically attributed a Strike. When an odd number of pins is bowled, the player is automatically attributed a Spare on the second frame, regardless of the actual number of pins knocked down.

3-6-9: Here the 3rd, 6th and 9th frames are not played as players are automatically attributed three Strikes.