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  Registering a Team

How to Register

So, you want to form a team? Here's how...

  • Pick up a Roster Form from the front desk of the Office of Student Activities (Student Center).
  • Pull a team together from among friends, clubs, your dorm, or fraternities/sororities.
  • Complete the Roster Form. Be sure to include your name as the manager, as well as your phone number and email address. Also, be sure to specify which sport you want to play.
  • Make certain you include the names and e-mail address of all your players. After the second week of the season, you cannot add players.

Don’t have a team but still want to play?

Don’t despair - you can register as a free agent!

  • Pick up a Free Agent Form at the Office of Student Activities.
  • Fill out the form entirely. Be sure to include
    • what sport you wish to play
    • your name
    • telephone number
    • email address

Return the form to the Office of Student Activities and you're on your way to playing intramural sports!