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  Intramural Eligibility


All current NSU students, faculty and staff are eligible to compete in intramural sports.

No player may participate on more than one team in any sport.

All players must sign a liability waiver before competing. If the waiver is not signed, the player will not be allowed to play.

Any individual who participates in and is a roster member in a varsity sport during any academic semester is ineligible to participate in that sport during the same academic semester.

Members of the intercollegiate teams and club sport team are ineligible to participate on an intramural team in their sport during that sport season.

Redshirts, members of collegiate teams, club team, and practice players may participate in their varsity sports during the off season within the following parameters: for soccer, volleyball and basketball, only 2 of the above mentioned players are allowed on any given team.

Team Manager(s)

The primary duty and responsibility of a team manager is to organize the team / players prior to the specific sport sign-up deadline.

He/she must represent the team at the appropriate intramural managers' meeting.

He/she must notify his/her team as to the time and place of scheduled games.

He/she must be familiar with all intramural eligibility rules, and make sure the team adheres to them.

Player Eligibility

Player eligibility is the responsibility of the manager.

Rules and regulations regarding player eligibility may be found in the Intramural Recreational Sports Handbook. Questions regarding eligibility may be directed to the Office of Student Activities.