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Maintenance Request Information

Spartan Suites has two full-time maintenance technicians on site. To complete a maintenance request, you may either come to the front desk and fill out a form in the Maintenance Request notebook or email us at spartansuites@ambling.com , for your convenience. Maintenance requests are completed in the order in which they are received, and they are entered into the computer each morning. If you complete a maintenance request after 4:00pm (unless it is an emergency), it will be entered into the system on the next business day. Typically, a maintenance request (unless it is an emergency) is completed within 3 business days or less. A maintenance technician is on-call 24 hours for emergencies. The following are considered maintenance emergencies: 1) running water; 2) fire; 3) refrigerator failure; 4) lock-out and security issues; 5) no heat.