Myths of the PRC and FAQs

Listed below are the top myths and frequently asked questions about the PRC. Please review this list and let us know if you still have questions!

1. RAs get supplies only at the beginning of the year.
False: RAs can come get supplies at any time during the year.

2. The only color copies made in the PRC are program fliers.
True: Color copying is not a given. Discretion must be taken by the PRC staff on what color copies can be made.

3. Door decorations and bulletin board materials can be color printed.
False: Only fliers for programs can be color printed.

4. The PRC can be used for meetings during the day by professional staff.
True: The PRC can be used for staff meetings, committee meetings and/or interviews by professional staff.

5. PRC staff and/or guests can bring drinks and food into the center.
 False: Visitors and staff to the PRC can not bring food or drinks into the center.

6. Residence Life staff can leave the PRC after obtaining supplies without cleaning their area.
False: Residence Life staff should make sure that all work spaces are tidy at the end of their use. This includes cleaning up little pieces of paper, any paint spills, scraps that need to be thrown away, or any other messes that may have been made.

7. Anyone can use the PRC resources.
False: The PRC is open to any RLH staff member (RA, GA, Hall Coordinator, Community Assistance Officer, Professional Staff) or RHA members. Any RLH staff member, LEGASI, or RHA member wishing to use the laminator, color printer or other resource must ask/request this from the PRC staff.

8. Anyone coming into the PRC, even if just accompanying someone, must sign in.
True: We are required to track the number of people who visit the PRC on a daily basis. Therefore, everyone must sign in to the PRC center as soon as they enter the door.

9. Scissors and construction paper are things that cannot be checked out:
False: Most supplies in the PRC can be checked out. Some of the supplies available to be checked out include: scissors, board games, sheets of construction paper, video games and video game systems. Please see the PRC staff if you have a specific resource that you would like to check out.

10. If PRC staff sees someone making something that doesn't look good, the PRC staff member can ask if they can help and give the guest suggestions.

True: PRC staff want to make your program, flyer, bulletin board or other project look its best! If they see you working on something and think there is a way to improve on it, they will give you suggestions and assist you in making it more attractive and eye-catching!