Inclement Weather Guidelines

We cannot predict to what degree a hurricane will affect the Norfolk community and the Hampton Roads area. However, we may experience significant wind and rain as well as possible power outages during a hurricane. In order to reduce the potential for injury and/or damage, please do the following:

bullet The university's severe weather statement is available by calling (757) 684-INFO for information about classes and other important matters.

bullet Listen to your local TV/radio stations for the latest weather updates. In the event of a power outage, carry a battery-operated radio to stay aware of current weather conditions.

bullet Please remain in a secure location. Do not stand in front of windows. Do not operate a motor vehicle or bicycle during the storm. Stay away from any downed power lines. In the event of a power outage, please use flashlights (do not use candles). Report any emergencies to Campus Police at 911 (from an on campus phone) or (757) 684-2444 (from a cell phone).

bullet Serious weather conditions, such as flooding and downed trees, may affect campus transportation; bus service may be hampered, delayed and/or canceled. If the weather conditions are severe and you have questions about whether classes will be held, please call (757) 684-INFO.

If a tornado/hurricane warning is issued:

(Notification will occur via radio and/or TV)

bullet Upon such notification immediately move to the lowest interior floors of your building, into an enclosed hallway or a room without windows. As you leave your room, close and lock your room door behind you.

bullet STAY AWAY FROM WINDOWS, DOORS, AND OUTSIDE WALLS. PROTECT YOUR HEAD. Be sure to warn others of these precautions. Please note that glass may shatter during the high winds of a tornado, and glass as well as other loose debris such as tree limbs, trashcans, etc., can move through open spaces so please be sure to stay in an enclosed area. (If you can see outside, you are not in a safe place).

bullet Clear stairwells as quickly as possible to avoid wind tunnel effects.

bullet Do not evacuate the building unless a fire ensues, or if the building structure is unsafe.

bullet Do not evacuate into the underground tunnels. These areas are prone to flooding and have high voltage lines.

bullet After the storm has passed, evaluate the situation and if emergency help is necessary, contact Campus Police at (757) 823-9000.

bullet If you are outside in your vehicle and you observe a tornado approaching, do not remain in your vehicle. If there is a sturdy structure nearby, go to the lowest level of that structure to obtain protection. If you are out in the open lay in as low an area as possible. Be sure and move as far away from your vehicle as possible to avoid the possibility of being struck by it.

For your safety, please be sure to follow any directives by University officials and call 911 in the event of an emergency.


According to the latest NPR Report, residents should prepare for 3 days without power.

bullet Withdraw emergency cash

bullet Turn off electricity, gas; unplug electronic equipment (insure chimney damper is securely closed)

bullet Refill gas grill tank or buy charcoal for grill

bullet Fill bathtubs and coolers with water (to be used for commodes and drinking if boiled)

bullet Keep insurance policy on hand

bullet Carry all credit cards

bullet Plan possible escape routes

bullet Check food, batteries, emergency tools and supplies (non-perishables, chain saw, etc.)

bullet Monitor latest advisories (battery operated radio)

bullet Leave low-lying areas

bullet Board windows or protect with shutters or tape (closed blinds, curtains, etc.)

bullet Secure outdoor areas (deck tables, umbrella, etc.)

bullet Store drinking water

bullet Check battery-powered equipment (lanterns, etc.)

bullet Keep car fueled


Watch: Hurricane force winds possible within 36 hours.

Things to do: Check food, batteries, emergency tools and supplies; monitor latest advisories.

Warning: Hurricane force winds likely within 24 hours.