Housing Fines

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Building Fines
Pulling the Fire Alarm (non-emergency) Disciplinary Action - Subject to Arrest, Eviction, and Expulsion
Use of Fire Exit Door (non-emergency) $300.00
Graffiti Cleaning Cost $100.00 + Cost of Cleaning
Theft/Use of Fire Safety Equipment (Including Fire Alarms) $300.00
Repair of Walls $50.00 + Cost of Repair

Room Fines
Unsanitary Living/Dirty room (first offense) $25.00
Unsanitary Living/Dirty room (second offense) $50.00 + Mandatory Class
Unsanitary Living/Dirty room (third offense) $100.00 or End of Semester Charge
The $100.00 fine may be applied during the first offense if the room conditions are severely unsanitary and/or dirty.
Co-ed Visitation Violation $200.00
Repair Hole in Drywall $50.00 (minimum) + Cost of Repair
Throwing Objects out of Window $100.00 + Disciplinary Action
Replace Door Knob $75.00
Replace Mini-Blinds $50.00
Replace Window Screens $50.00
Use of Window as Entrance or Exit to Room $100.00
Smoking in Prohibited Areas $50.00
Noise (second offense) $25.00
Lock-out Key Charge (first offense) $10.00
Lock-out Key Charge (second offense) $25.00
Replace Lost Key $20.00
Replace Lock due to Lost Key $75.00
Alcoholic or Drug Paraphernalia Disciplinary Action
Storage Fee $75.00
Port Damage $100.00

Fire Code Violations
Cooking Appliances/Apparatus $50.00
Unauthorized Microwave $50.00
Extension Cords $50.00
Candles/Incense $50.00
Items Blocking Sprinkler(s) (first offense) $25.00
Items Blocking Sprinkler(s) (second offense) $50.00

Fines Incurred During Check Out
Dirty room charge $100.00
Improper check-out $125.00
Failure to return room key $20.00

NOTE: All fines are subject to be added to the student's account without notice. Requests for appeals of these fines will be accepted. Please contact the Residence Life & Housing office for more information.

State Fire Marshal Inspections

All items found to be in violation of the Code of the Commonwealth of Virginia and/or Norfolk State University of Virginia Housing Policy will be cited. When a violation is found, a Fire Safety Violation Notice will be left in the room/suite/apartment. This notice outlines the violation and provides the date by which the violation must be corrected. On or after the correction deadline, the State Fire Marshal will re-inspect spaces to verify if cited violations have been corrected. When residents are cited a second time for the same violation by the State Fire Marshal, the Housing Division will bill residents for the violation of the fire & safety inspection.

The following list provides an overview of what the State Fire Marshal will be looking for. This list should not be construed as being all inclusive.

bullet Candles (burnt)
bullet Excessive trash, clutter or combustibles on the floor of a room
bullet Non-compliant room decorations:
bullet Curtains, flags and pennants hung on the walls that are not flame retardant.
bullet Decorative lights hung with metal fasteners, more than three strands of decorative lights plugged in series.
bullet Anything suspended from the ceiling
bullet Anything suspended from heating pipes
bullet Furniture or other belongings that do not allow the door to function properly
bullet Non flame retardant paper hung on door surfaces
bullet Use of any kind of shoe rack, clothing rack, or other hanging device that is hooked over the room door

bullet Appliances that are not in compliance with Housing policy
bullet Halogen lamps
bullet Storage to close to ceiling/sprinkler head (where applicable)
bullet Non-fused multiplying devices (power strips)
bullet Power strips connected in a series
bullet Use of extension cords
bullet Trash, shower caddies, shoes, clothing, gym bags, furniture, bicycles, or any other item blocking the means of egress (hallways, stairwells and/or doorways)
bullet Anything stored under an interior or exterior stairwell