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Hazing is a serious violation of University regulations and contrary to the values and expectations of Norfolk State University. The potential for hazing typically arises as part of a student’s introduction, pursuit or initiation into an organization (athletic team, band, fraternity, sorority, or other group) in which there is often a perceived or real power differential between existing members of the organization and those that have newly joined. At Norfolk State University, we believe that participation in student life should not include demeaning, degrading or otherwise harmful activities

Acts or potential acts of hazing may be reported to the Office of Student Activities (757)823-8200 or NSU Police (757)823-8102/(757)823-9000. In addition, concerns may be reported confidentially and anonymously using the online reporting tool.

The following questions can help individuals/groups assess the appropriateness of an activity:

  1. Does the activity promote and conform to the ideals, values, and mission of Norfolk State University and the organization?
  2. Am I being asked to keep these activities a secret?
  3. Is it an activity that all members (current and initiates) engage in together?
  4. Would the group’s advisor, the national headquarters of a fraternity/sorority, and/or other University officials approve of the activity?
  5. Would I feel comfortable participating in this activity if my parents were watching?
  6. Is the activity free of mental anguish, emotional distress or physical discomfort?
  7. Am I doing anything illegal?
  8. Can I comfortably decide not to participate without facing undue pressure or ridicule?  
  9. Does participation in the activity violate my personal values?
  10. If someone were injured, would I feel comfortable calling for help

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