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  Documents and Forms
 Word Document Application Instructions for International Students
   General Application for Graduate Admission
   General Application for Undergraduate Admission
   International Admissions Forms
 Word Document Affidavit of Support
 Word Document Pre-Arrival Form
 Word Document SEVIS Information Form
 Word Document Transfer Eligibility Certificate - Transfer Students Only
   F1 Student Forms
 Word Document Change of Address Form for International Students
 Word Document Emergency Contact Sheet
 Word Document Health Insurance Information and Waiver Form
 Word Document Program Completion Form
 Word Document Request for Dependent Visa
 Word Document Request for Enrollment at Multiple Institutions
 Word Document Request for Letter
 Word Document Request for Practical Training
 Word Document Optional Practical Training (OPT) Application
 Word Document Request for Program Extension
 Word Document Request for Reduces Course Load
 Word Document Separation Form
 Word Document Temporary Leave of Absence Form
 Word Document Transfer Out Form
 Word Document Transfer SEVIS Record
  Tuition and Fees
   F1 Student Information
 Word Document Applying for Curricular Practical Training
 Word Document Applying for Economic Hardship Employment Authorization
 Word Document Applying for Reinstatement
 Word Document Changing your Visa Status to F-1
 Word Document Checking Status
 Word Document Directions to Social Security Administration - USCIS and DMV
 Word Document F-1 Responsibilities in a Nutshell
 Word Document F-1 Responsibilities Under SEVIS
 Word Document Filing Taxes
 Word Document Frequently Asked Questions About Student Services
 Word Document Graduate Pre-Arrival FAQs
 Word Document Health Insurance for International Students - NSU Policy
 Word Document Obtaining a Refund on Social Security Tax
 Word Document Obtaining a VA Driver's License
 Word Document Optional Practical Training - Application Checklist
 Word Document Renewing Your Visa
 Word Document Responsibilities Agreement
 Word Document Post-Arrival Manual - Guide for F1 Students
 Word Document Transferring to Norfolk State University
 Word Document Undergraduate Pre-Arrival FAQs
 Word Document Work & SSN Information for Staff & Students
   H-1B Application Forms
 Word DocumentDepartmental Request Form
 Word DocumentPreliminary Data Sheet
   Federal Forms & Fee Schedule
 Adobe Acrobat File I-901 SEVIS Fee Payment Form $200
 Adobe Acrobat File DS-156 Non-immigrant Visa Application $131
 Adobe Acrobat File DS-158 Contact Information/ Work History for Non-immigrant Applicant No Fee
 Adobe Acrobat File DS-157 Supplemental Application for Male Non-Immigrant Visa Applicants between 16 and 45 No Fee
 Adobe Acrobat File SS-5 Application for a Social Security Card No Fee
 Adobe Acrobat File I-765 Application for Employment Authorization $340
 Adobe Acrobat File I-538 Request for Authorization from DSO - for NSU file only - See OISSS No Fee
 Adobe Acrobat File I-539 Application to Exchange / Change Status $300
 Adobe Acrobat File I-102 Application for Replacement I-94 Card $320
 Adobe Acrobat FileAR-11 Change of Address - F & J Visa holders do not fill out this form) No Fee
 Adobe Acrobat File IRS Form 843 Claim for Refund and Request for AbatementNo Fee
 Adobe Acrobat File Form 843 Instructions for IRS Form 843 N/A
 Adobe Acrobat File IRS Form 8316 Information Regarding Request for Refund for Social Security Tax Erroneously Withheld
 on Wages Received by a Non-immigrant Alien on an F, J, or M type Visa
 No Fee