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  Immigration Information - Arrival Checklist

Arrival Checklist

What are some things I will need to do when I arrive to Norfolk?

  • Get settled in your apartment or dormitory.
  • Purchase basic necessities, like an alarm clock, sheets, blankets, and toiletries.
  • Get your phone/internet connected, purchase a calling card, and phone home.
  • Stop by the ISS office to complete your transfer (if applicable) or check-in.
  • Take along your passport visa, I-94 card, and all I-20s issued to you.
  • Bring dependents' I-94 cards and I-20s if applicable
  • Open a bank account.
  • Attend the General Orientation for all new NSU students and register for classes.
  • Have your student ID card made at the Spartan Station.
  • Pay your tuition, fees, and costs for room and board.
  • Have money placed on your Spartan Card (student ID)
  • Buy books at the Campus Bookstore, located in the Mills E. Godwin Center.
  • Purchase a parking permit or bus pass if necessary.
  • Locate your classes.
  • Obtain your social security card (if working on campus).
  • Apply for a driver's license or state ID through the VA DMV
  • Activate your NSU email account and MyNSU (online registration ).
  • Attend the New Student Orientation for international students (mandatory)
  • and attend school social events/ join organizations to get connected.