Office of Sponsored Programs
Seeks, Pursues, Solicits & Manages Research Funding


This Office seeks, pursues, solicits and manages funding opportunities for research and other sponsored program activities university-wide. Opportunities are found by establishing contacts with agency program officers, department heads, and other corporate officers; by conducting on-line searches, reviewing various sponsor notifications, and by personal contacts. Responsibilities also include establishing relationships with potential sponsors, identifying university resources, matching university capacity with agency needs and promoting the university to external sponsors.

Sponsored Program Section

The SPS is responsible for identifying types of funding opportunities such as requests for proposals, broad agency announcements and other agency-specific notification instruments. This section also insures that proposals have the appropriate certifications, representations, and authorizing signatures as required.

In particular the SPS:

  • Reviews and recommends for approval all proposal submissions.
  • Assists faculty and staff with proposal preparation.
  • Assists faculty and staff with budget preparation.
  • Reviews proposed contracts and subcontracts for compliance with university, state and sponsoring agency policies.
  • Coordinates all university award activities.

Grants Management Section

The GMS is responsible for assuring the integrity of programmatic compliance issues of all awards.

In particular the GMS:

  • Reviews and monitors awards (i.e. grants, contracts, and subcontracts).
  • Monitors sponsored program related technical and programmatic reports.
  • Reviews post-award requests for internal or agency approval.

Research Information Section

The RIS is responsible for developing, collecting, analyzing and disseminating information related to academic research and sponsored programs.

In particular the RIS:

  • Collects, writes, and disseminates reports and publications reflecting the accomplishments of NSU faculty and staff.
  • Collects, writes, and disseminates a document of faculty and staff publications and other creative activities.
  • Identifies and disseminates funding opportunities to faculty and staff.
  • Responds to faculty requests concerning funding opportunities.
  • Provides infrastructure support for developing boilerplate components of proposals that describe the University, its capabilities, and other pertinent information.
  • Maintains a World Wide Web site presence to support research & other sponsored program activities.
  • Responds to all information requests.