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Research Magazine

Spring 2011

  • Cost-effective Solar Cells - Moving Close to Reality

Spring 2010

  • Dance Becomes Innovative Tool in HIV/AIDS Prevention and Awareness Campaign
  • Rapid Response Robotic Telescope - Always Ready to Capture Astronomical Phenomena

Spring 2009

  • Head Turn Research - Will it Help Us to Better Detect Infant Auditory Disabilities?
  • Smart Pervasive Environments - Will Storyboarding Make Them More User Friendly?
  • Solving the Equation - Diagnosing and Treating Prerequisite Deficiencies in Precalculus

Spring 2008

  • Blind Sperm Cell - How does one chemically create a blind sperm cell?
  • Plastic Solar Cells - Is Sunlight the answer?
  • NSU Centers of Excellence - Cutting-edge research in well-equipped facilities