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A number of research assistantships are available to graduate students. These are competitive grants and may include tuition/fees waiver; tuition/fees waiver plus stipend of up to $18,000; or stipend only. Generally, the review committees in the various programs determine eligibility based on factors including grade point average. The assistantship is a 12-month award that allows the student to take up to 24 credit hours per year. It also requires the student to meet the specific departmental and university requirements on academic and assistantship responsibilities to maintain eligibility during the year and to request for renewal.

Teaching Assistantships and Tuition Assistant Fellowships

A number of teaching assistantships and tuition assistance fellowships are available also. A research stipend of $250.00 is also available to students who are about to conduct research for their dissertation or thesis. To receive fellowships or tuition grants in any program, students must be enrolled for a minimum of 12 credit hours.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate students may also apply for a limited number of graduate assistantships in Residential Life. The assistantship covers room and board, and offers a stipend of approximately $10,300 for service as a graduate assistant in the dormitory. Applications are available from the office of Residential Life.

Other Awards

Other awards are available in departments that make allocation from grant funding. Applicants should contact the department to find out what might be available.

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