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Welcome to the NSU Online Family! To help you get comfortable with the online course environment, please enroll and complete the Blackboard (Bb) 101 Student Orientation. You can move through the course at your own pace. Completing the orientation course will help you succeed as an online student.

You are also invited to attend one of the virtual online orientation webinars that are conducted one week before the start of each term.  A campus announcement will be posted and an email will be sent to all online students announcing the scheduled dates for the webinars.

By completing the Bb 101 Orientation, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Identify your readiness to take an online course.
  • Locate navigational features in a course that uses Blackboard.
  • Explore a variety of tools used to create online communities.
  • Demonstrate how to submit online assessments.
  • Identify the resources to get help when needed.

To access the Bb 101 Orientation,

  • Log in to MyNSU, then Blackboard.
  • Select the “Student” Tab, the Bb 101 Orientation.
  • Click “Enroll” to self-enroll in the course.
  • Submit.


Several live, interactive, web based webinars are conducted each term.  Attendees are able to interact with presenter live by asking questions and receiving answers in real time.   NSU Online offers a variety of webinars with topics ranging from Blackboard 101, the ABCs of Financial Aid, Admissions 101, and Effective Research Strategies, and much more!

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