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Dr. Gadsden

Dr. Gadsden O'Shan
O'Shan Gadsden, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Office: Brown Hall, Room 216.06
Phone: 757-823-8573

Expertise: ​Psychological development of black masculinity, Relational psychoanalysis, Non-traditional spiritual frameworks (New thought-metaphysics) with oppressed populations, Psychotherapy process & dynamics, Self-reflexivity in clinical work.

Interests: Psychoanalytic therapy process and supervision dynamics, Community consultation, Infusing Afrocentric centered psychological models into doctoral training, and indigenous models of research.

Courses: Psychology of Black Masculinity; Adolescent Psychology; African-American Psychology.

Additional Information: My research, scholarship and professional-clinical activities serve traditionally marginalized-misunderstood populations; with a nuanced and specific focus on the psycho-socio-cultural-spiritual variables that impact the psychology, emotionality, and relational domains of those who identify as African-American adult males. As such, I take a contextual, multi-level, decolonizing, and counter-narrative approach to both developing and implementing culturally applicable and sustainable psychological-relational models and evidence-based practices that promote deep levels of individual and relational awareness in African-American adult males. Relevant work experience includes the following:

  • Psychoanalytic Candidate: Object Relations Institute, NY, NY
  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship: JFK Behavioral Health Center, Philadelphia, PA
  • Pre-Doctoral Internship: University of Delaware Counseling Center, Newark, DE

Curriculum Vitae