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As a pre-professional teacher organization, the Norfolk State University (NSU) Chapter of the Student Virginia Education Association (SVEA), has a primary goal to inform members about educational issues of importance to the state of Virginia and the nation.

Our chapter and SVEA believe that this goal will enhance members early within their careers and further their success as classroom or special area teachers.

We seek to support SVEA members with on and off campus programs and activities designed to provide resources for developing personal & professional skills.

Our goal is to provide a more alert, informed, and articulate SVEA membership that is capable of communicating with public schools, students, and parents.

Therefore, to be the best association possible we must:

  • Emphasize the importance of a diverse SVEA membership, with involvement for undergraduate and graduate K-12 teacher candidates.
  • Promote the visibility of the SVEA and its members’ works on campus and in the schooling community.
  • Generate interest for career opportunities in education.

About the SVEA

The Student Virginia Education Association (SVEA) is a professional pre-service teacher organization. It provides opportunities for college students to explore education as a profession. SVEA has as one of its primary goals to inform, educate and involve its membership in educational issues.

The NSU SVEA Chapter is proud to have been introduced to President McDemmond in her first months in Norfolk by the Education Association of Norfolk (EAN) as having, for the first time, become the largest chapter of the SVEA in the Commonwealth during their annual scholarship banquet. For seven years, the NSU SVEA Chapter maintains its status as one of the largest chapters in the Commonwealth. It is the largest chapter among Virginia's Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

We are neither a "club" or a "social group." We are a nationally organized student professional organization with a national, full-time, elected chairperson and a nine-member appointed advisory committee of student members. We belong to the 2.8 million member National Education Association. There are no other professional student organizations as comprehensive as that of the NEASP.