Dr. Patricia Lynch Stith Student Success Center

Student Success

The Student Success Center offers specialized advising for students who have not satisfied University academic standards. Students not meeting University academic standards should contact the Spartan Success Center at (757) 823-8507 or visit Nursing General Education Building, Suite 100.

Specialized advising includes:

  • Review of students' academic evaluation
  • Reviewing and signing Academic Performance Contract
  • Recommendations for courses that must be re-taken to improve GPA
  • Student schedule review and construction to insure student has taken and successfully completed all prerequisites
  • Enrollment in GST 200-Study Skills Seminar
  • Review of Spartan Success Center Academic Support Services

GST 200-Study Skills Seminar

This is a non-credit, 16-week seminar that meets weekly for one hour, designed for students who are on academic probation. The seminar introduces and promotes development of skills necessary to enhance academic success in college.  Emphasis is placed on weekly activities to promote utilization of positive study habits. Topics discussed include learning styles, test-taking techniques, study skills, stress management, note-taking styles, critical thinking, reading, and writing skills.

Academic Performance Agreement

Students on academic probation are required by the University to follow the guidelines delineated in the Academic Performance Contact. The students' academic advisor will review the stipulations during the initial advising session.

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