This is a contact listing of the faculty, staff, and administrators for the Dr. Patricia Lynch Stith Student Success Center

Dr. Patricia Lynch Stith Student Success Center

Meet the PLSSSC Faculty & Staff

  Name Phone Email
Dr. Robin Marable,
Acting Executive Director
(757) 823-2201
Ms. Na-Twand Anderson,
Professional Academic Advisor
(757) 785-3844
Ms. Carrie Brown,
Retention Advisor
(757) 823-8008
Mr. David L. Booker Jr.,
Education Specialist
(757) 823-8129
Mr. Nathaniel Chisholm,
Academic Advisor
(757) 823-9231
Mrs. Ethel M. Edwards
Math Tutor/Retention
Support Specialist
(757) 785-3827
ext. 11984
Ms. Danielle Flipping,
Academic Advisor
(757) 823-2122
Mrs. Sheryll Heard,
Academic Support Coordinator
(757) 823-2938
Mrs. Isabel M. Mesias-Herrmann,
Professional Academic Advisor
(757) 823-2761
Mr. Scott Lowe,
Academic Advisor
(757) 823-9183
Dr. Lisa J. Sparks,
Professional Academic Advisor
(757) 785-3829
Ms. Audra Tillman,
Professional Academic Advisor
(757) 785-3865

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