Dr. Patricia Lynch Stith Student Success Center

SYE - Sophomore Year Experience


The mission of the S.Y.E program aims to promote academic success by conducting activities that assist sophomores with addressing issues that are common to students in their second year of college.


  • Learn about campus resources
  • Promote self-responsibility and decision making
  • Utilize co-curricular activities NSU has to offer as a way to become engaged on campus
  • Choosing a major, career, and/or internship
  • Increasing their involvement in university clubs, organizations, community service and leadership opportunities
  • Promote appropriate departmental advising support


  • Provide services to undeclared sophomore students to increase major declaration by the second year.
  • Develop proactive interventions and academic advising services to enhance the connection with targeted sophomore populations.
  • Offer a variety of student support services and interactions that assist sophomore students in their progression toward graduation.
  • Connect targeted student populations to career planning and career development information as provided through Career Services.
  • Collaborate with key campus partners to serve on a steering committee in developing and promoting university-wide services to enhance the NSU experience, engagement, and retention of sophomore students.

Career Exploration and Selecting the Right Major

The Sigi 3 career exploration tool is a web-based survey system which is designed to assist you in selecting the correct major based upon your interests and latent skills and abilities. Visit the Career/Major Exploration web portal.

Some Programs

  • Welcome Back Celebration
  • Majors Fair
  • Majors Discussion Panel
  • Academic Skills Seminar
  • Speaker Series
  • Sophomore Summit
  • Sophomore Half Way Celebration
  • Rising Sophomores Ignite Your Future Program

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