Dr. Patricia Lynch Stith Student Success Center

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Dr. Patricia Lynch Stith Student Success Center
Norfolk State University
700 Park Avenue
Nursing and General Education Building
Suite 100
Norfolk, VA 23504

Phone: 757-823-8507
Fax: 757-823-2226
Email: ssc@nsu.edu
Web: www.nsu.edu/provost/ssc


The role of a mentor is to create an atmosphere of accelerated wisdom and knowledge. A mentored individual will accomplish far more than a person who rejects personal mentorship. As a mentee, you gain the pertinent information concerning your chosen career path
while learning to adapt
successfully through the
matriculation process.


The advisors at the Student Success Center are valued individuals possessing specialized skills to assist you in the key areas where new students tend to miss the mark: time management, study habits, accountability, weekly follow-up and regular test preparation.


Our advisers are here
for you. When you
aren’t doing well in
your courses or in
your new life as a
college student,
these are the
people you need to
find quickly.


Our tutoring team is available for assistance in many of the specific courses offered here at NSU. Tutors are available Monday thru Friday in the Student Success Center.


View the tutoring schedule to see when your subject is being offered this
semester. With the assistance
of our tutors, you can work
towards the goal of graduating
with honors
. Let our team of
superstar scholars assist you
in realizing your academic
achievement goals.

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