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Career inventories can provide insight into how your interests, skills, values, and personality match potential careers in the world of work.  Similar to how a “placement test” can predict your level of proficiency in an academic content area, “career inventories” and “personality tests” can predict potential career matches that you would find fulfilling and fitting to who you are.  Anyone can just work a job, but to truly find a career that will satisfy you requires some thought and planning.   Finding your career goal will help you to become more successful, as you have to have a vision to motivate yourself towards completing your education.  Please use the following career inventories to find your passion!

Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory

The Myers-Briggs personality inventory goes beyond career interest to give insight into your whole self.  What’s your four letter type?  Are you an ENTJ, ISFP, ESFJ, or INFP?  And what does that really mean about who you are?  Knowing your type can not only help you find a career but also help you understand how you relate to others, your strengths and weaknesses, and how to live a more fulfilling life by knowing your place in the world. 

The following link is a personality inventory based on the Myers-Briggs, discover what makes you… well, you!

O*Net Interest Profiler

O*Net is short for “Occupation Net” and it is the largest most well-known and utilized online career information bank in the United States.  The O*Net Interest profiler is a career inventory that measures your interests and what you like to do, and then links you to information about the careers within their information bank.  Once you complete this inventory you will be able to not only see careers that match your interests, but you will get to explore careers that match the level of education you plan to complete by selecting your level, from High School all the way up to Doctorate.

The interest profiler will determine your “Holland Code”, and is based on a career inventory called the “Self-Directed Search” created by well-known psychologist John L. Holland in 1970.

Take the Interest Profiler at www.mynextmove.org and find your dream career!  (Use the next buttons to continue through the steps, you may use the back button to make any changes)


SIGI stands for “System of Integrated Guidance and Information”.  It is the third generation an original career program called the Educational Testing Service developed in the early 1980’s.  SIGI3 includes several different types of inventories to help you match your values, interests, and personality to various educational and career pathways.  SIGI3 helps students to seek out and create a career plan that will work for them!

As a Norfolk State University student you can create your free account here SIGI3 web portal

After completing the inventories, if you would like to speak with someone about programs and degrees that relate to your new-found career goals, please contact one of our advisors in the Student Success Center.

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