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The University Assessment Advisory Committee (UAAC) is a University committee established in 2000- 2001 to advise and guide Norfolk State University in its implementation and continuous enhancement of program assessment policies, processes, and procedures.

The purpose of the University Assessment Advisory Committee (UAAC) is to provide advice to the Provost’s Office on issues related to (i) promotion of an institutional culture of inquiry, evidence-based planning, and continuous quality enhancement and (ii) facilitation of the sustained implementation of the University’s assessment policies and procedures in order to ensure that NSU systematically
- Identifies expected program/unit outcomes,
- Assesses the extent to which programs/units achieve these outcomes, and
- Provides evidence of continuous improvement based on meaningful analysis of the results in each of the following areas:
--- (1) educational programs, (2) administrative support services, (3) educational support services, (4) research units, and (5) community service/public outreach units.

The Major tasks of the UAAC are to:
- Serve as a channel for input on assessment and accreditation matters from students, faculty, and other members of the university community;
- Provide updates on university assessment and accreditation processes to campus constituencies;
- Engage in peer review of annual program assessment reports as assigned by the Provost’s Office;
- Participate in assessment and accreditation training workshops and information sessions;
- Serve as a resource to the administration for strategic planning, accreditation, and other institutional effectiveness activities; and
- Submit annual report to the Provost’s Office documenting strengths and weaknesses of the university’s assessment program and propose recommendations for improvement as needed.

UAAC members are nominated by Deans/Division heads and appointed by the Provost’s office on October 1 of each year. All members of the committee are eligible for reappointment. The committee is chaired by a faculty (teaching, administrative, or professional) member elected annually by the committee members. The committee meets at least three times within a semester. If a member misses a meeting, he or she will designate a person to substitute for him or her. Decisions will be made by consensus of members present. Voting will be used at the discretion of the chair when consensus cannot be reached.


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UAAC Meeting Agenda September 14 2010.pdf
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