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Program Assessment

Program outcomes assessment at NSU is a University-wide, unit-based process to determine unit effectiveness, i.e. to determine how well and in what ways units are meeting their individual and university-wide goals and how the units can improve their performance. NSU identifies expected outcomes, assesses the extent to which it achieves these outcomes, and provides evidence of improvement based on analysis of the results in each of the following areas:

- Academic degree programs;
- Administrative support services;
- Educational support services;
- Research units; and
- Community/public service units.

Program outcomes assessment is an ongoing process that runs on an annual cycle and includes the following nine steps:
1. Identifying / reviewing unit goals;
2. Selecting three to five goals for the given annual assessment cycle;
3. Translating the goals into specific, measurable, and observable outcomes;
4. Setting criteria for success or benchmark measures;
5. Identifying methods to collect data;
6. Analyzing, interpreting and reporting results;
7. Developing specific, concrete improvement plans; and
8. Reporting progress made on the plans developed in the previous year.

The NSU program assessment report is not a single document, but a set of documents posted on the web. Each unit has a designated SharePoint site that contains the following components: (i) a narrative description of the unit; (ii) a narrative description of assessment process, (iii) an assessment report summary matrix, (iv) assessment instruments, and (v) program outputs summary report (for academic programs).

Resource Box

Assessment Reporting SharePoint PORTAL (password protected; please contact Dr. Mildred Fuller (mkfuller@nsu.edu) for access)

Assessment Manual
Assessment Report SEC 1 Program Description.docx
Assessment Report SEC 2 Assessment Process.docx
Assessment Report SEC 3 Summary Matrix.docx
Assessment Report College School Division Summary.docx
Assessment Report Job Placement Summary.doc
Assessment Report Evaluation Rubric 2011.docx