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The Graduating Student Exit Survey (GSES) is administered by The Office of Institutional Research, Assessment and Planning of Norfolk State University (NSU) to provide a continuing institutional performance assessment of NSU’s undergraduate or graduate programs for the purpose of program improvement. GSES is a part of the University’s ongoing assessment of students’ perceptions of NSU’s programs. All NSU graduating students (undergraduate and graduate) are invited to complete the survey online.

The validity and credibility of student self-reported data has been examined extensively. Self-reports are likely to be valid under five general conditions. They are: (1) when the information requested is known to the respondents; (2) the questions are phrased clearly and unambiguously; (3) the questions refer to recent activities; (4) the respondents think the questions merit a serious and thoughtful response; and (5) answering the questions does not threaten, embarrass, or violate the privacy of the respondent or encourage the respondent to respond in socially desirable ways. The GSES was intentionally designed to satisfy all these conditions.

To keep faculty informed about assessment activities and results of the survey and to solicit feedback, Graduating Student Exit Survey information sessions are held at least three times per semester. If you would like to review GSES data for your program, please complete Data Request Form and forward it to Dr. James Walke at jtwalke@nsu.edu .


GSES_2010_Instrument.pdf (149.21 KB)