Membership Criteria

Professor Emeritus

The title "Emeritus" may be awarded by the Board of Visitors upon retirement to a distinguished tenured faculty member at the rank of associate professor or professor, with at least 15 years of full-time service to the University. Professors’ emeriti shall be included in faculty lists, receive invitations to attend appropriate University functions, be considered for appropriate grants by the University Research Committee, and may continue to use physical facilities, if available, at the University for study and research as approved by the Provost with the approval of the President.


The following guidelines are to be used:

Each person who accepts the nomination must have been a full-time employee of the University and have a minimum of 15 years of service; must be retiring, and must have held the rank of associate professor or professor for at least five years immediately prior to retiring.

By October 15 of each academic year, the Provost will make available to the Faculty Emeritus Committee the names of all persons who are eligible for consideration.

Upon receipt of all of the names of persons who are eligible, the committee will develop a profile of each individual’s accomplishments while at Norfolk State University, with particular emphasis placed on the contributions made by the individual to the growth of the University and to the academic achievements of students. The decision shall be in favor of each nominee who receives an affirmative vote of greater than one half of the persons voting.

Upon receipt of an affirmative vote, the Committee will forward the recommendation to the Provost. The Provost will attach his or her recommendation thereto and forward the material to the President. The President, in turn, will attach his or her recommendations and forward the recommendations to the Board of Visitors who will then consider this material when acting on the appointment of the candidate to Emeritus status.