Harrison B. Wilson

Harrison B. Wilson
 30 Years of Active Service ~ 1976 – 2002

President Harrison B. Wilson’s tenure has been formidable. Wilson once said, “We must continue to broaden our horizons in all we do at Norfolk State University. In academics as well as athletics, you need to raise the bar …set higher goals and work for excellence. The students, the University, and the community deserve nothing less than representing ourselves at the highest level of effort.”

In 1975-76 NSU offered 4 graduate programs in which 191 students were enrolled. In 1996-97, there were 14 master’s programs and one doctoral program enrolling 1,110 students. The Division of Academic Affairs was composed of nine schools, 29 departments, offering 56 degree programs at the associate (2), baccalaureate (39, master’s (14) and doctoral (1) levels.

 During Wilson’s tenure, The Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) has produced the largest number of minority naval officers in the nation, second only to the U.S. Naval Academy; NSU graduated more African-American teachers than any other university in the nation. NSU administrative building has been named in his honor.

Degrees: Ph.D., Indiana University M.A., Indiana University B.S., Kentucky State University