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  Senior Citizens Club

The Brambleton Senior Citizens Club was organized (September 23, 1977) to enhance the educational, healthy lifestyle, recreational, leisure needs and to promote social ability of the aged adults in the local community. The Seniors are continuously provided with valuable information that will assist the many issues that older adults face.

The Brambleton center is a focal point for senior citizens interaction, a place where citizens can come together to recreate, share hobbies and common interests in a safe environment. The group meets every Tuesday offering many great activities for people 55 years and older. The list of activities include: computer technology class, educational workshops, cultural events, field trips and health seminars etc.

Listed below are the officers for the Senior Citizens Group:

  • Senior Coordinator – Lucille Mitchell
  • President – Sarah Goffigan
  • Vice president – Audrey Fontinella
  • Treasurer - Viola Riddick
  • Financial Treasurer - Cecelia Wilkinson
  • Secretary – Irma Rogers
  • Assistant Secretary – Betty Lewis
  • Finance Committee – Cecelia Wilkerson & Viola Riddick
  • Chaplin – Ruth Shambly