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  About Us


To be Norfolk State University’s primary connection with its surrounding neighborhoods and the point of contact for those neighborhoods seeking information related to community/public service activities conducted and or sponsored by the university. The Center is to be the hub of all university community/public service activities.


The Commonwealth of Virginia entered into an agreement with the Office of Civil Rights(OCR), U.S. Department of Education in 1978, eliminate any vestiges of de jure segregation in its higher education system (OCR Plan). In 1983, the OCR Plan was amended to include additional actions to be taken by the Commonwealth to address deficiencies discovered during the evaluation and implementation of the Virginia OCR Plan. Among the deficiencies sighted by OCR was lack of community outreach activities by the University. In order to address this deficiency, the Commonwealth committed in the amendment to provide with University with state support for outreach programs. Thereafter, the University entered into a partner with the City of Norfolk, in which the Brambleton Community and Recreation building would be available to the University to conduct its outreach activities. That partnership included providing several services to the citizens in the community at a nominal cost and in some instances at no cost.


To provide the place where neighbors seek and the university through its students, faculty and staff provide the services that encourage communication, interaction, trust and a sense of community.


o Exercise / Weight Room
o Multi-Purpose Room
o TV/ Game Room
o Computer Laboratory
o Gymnasium
o Conference Room

Types of Programs

- Recreation
- Computer Software & Technology
- Senior Citizens Club
- Senior Line Dancing