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Ethelyn Ratcliff Strong Collection 

Ethelyn Ratcliff Strong, a graduate of Virginia Union University, received her M.S.W. from Columbia University and the Doctorate of Social Work from Catholic University of America. She was the Dean and founder of the Norfolk State University School of Social Work. Dr. Strong, along with others, loobbied and testified before a special committee of the Virginia General Assembly, to push for the 1972 legislation which authorized graduate degree programs at Norfolk State University. She retired in 1983 and was awarded Emerita Status.

Dr. Strong continued to be active as a speaker and guest lecturer until her untimely death on July 19, 1986. The Strong Collection includes such documents as: The history, purpose and administrative organization of the new graduate degree program in Social Work at Norfolk State College, cover letters ans surveys on the need for a School of Social Work, papers on a code of ethics, and proposed bylaws for the National Association of Social Workers, letters of endorsement for NSC School of Social Work from various area agencies, and many other valuable documents.