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Internships & Service Opportunities

The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars Campus

Liaison: Amelia Ross-Hammond, Ph.D. appointed Fall, 2005
Norfolk State University became an affiliate member in 2005.

The Washington Center is an academic internship program offering thousands of tailored placements in governmental, international, and business, and nonprofit organizations. The program has a service-learning component. Over 20 NSU students have interned in Washington D. C., including an international internship through this premier organization. Please more information visit www.twc.edu or contact info@twc.edu .

Stipend Federal Internship Opportunities

15 weeks internships with a federal agency to include but not be limited to one of the following: U.S. Department of Commerce, Environmental Protection Agency, Internal Revenue Service, Department of Health and Human Services, and Department of Treasury.

Accepted students receive scholarships covering the cost of The Washington Center for Internship and Academic Seminar’s program and housing fee for living in TWC’s furnished housing facilities for the duration of their stay. Additionally, students will be provided with a stipend.