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Service-Learning and Civic Engagement Mission Statement

The program is designed to bring academic disciplines together in a collaborative effort to build successful student outcomes, by coordinating academically-based teaching, learning, and service opportunities within the community for civic engagement, career enhancement and intellectual growth. The office provides resources and opportunities for students and faculty to participate or attend workshops and conferences.

About Us

The NSU Service-Learning Program was established in 2003. The goals of NSU Service-Learning are to:

  • Ensure a centralized process for planning, administering and assessing service-learning initiatives
  • Strengthen students' critical thinking and leadership skills as well as engage students in civic activities
  • Enhance faculty professional skills through on-campus workshops, teleconferences, travel to professional meetings & scholarly research
  • Increase academic/community partnerships by identifying and addressing community needs

What We Do

As part of the university’s Quality Enhancement Plan, service-learning has been embedded in several general education courses as enriching co-curricular experiences. The QEP focuses on Creating Coherent Pathways to Develop Critical Thinking Skills through R.E.A.S.O.N. ( Reflect, Evaluate information, Argue effectively, Solve problems, Obtain goals, and Network). This aligns with Preparation and inquiry, Action, Reflective essays, Evaluation of impact, and Celebration of achievement, all key components of service-learning. The students’ learning outcomes will be captured through pre-post surveys, guided journaling, and rubrics, as a result of practical experiences actively engaged citizens in the community.