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  Standing Committee - Student Affairs

Student Affairs Committee

The Student Affairs Committee is charged with continually assessing the quality of student life and works to ensure a high quality of student life.  The Committee is responsible for making recommendations on matters and policies pertaining to students, including those relating to student rights, responsibilities, conduct, and discipline.  The Committee’s responsibility extends to matters regarding (1) student organizations and their funding, (2) extracurricular activities, (3) student government, (4) student participation in University governance by various students or groups of students, and (5) intramural and intercollegiate athletic policy and programs.


  • Dr. Deborah M. DiCroce, Chair
  • Elwood B. Boone, III
  • Kenneth W. Crowder
  • Bryan D. Cuffee
  • Larry A. Griffith
  • Devon M. Henry

Staff: Dr. Michael M. Shackleford, Vice President, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management