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  Standing Committee - Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs Committee

The Academic Affairs Committee advances and protects the academic quality of the education offered by the University. The Committee makes recommendations to the Board regarding: (1) the academic mission, purpose, strategic plans, and academic programs of the University; (2) awards and honorary degrees; (3) research and technology initiatives and programs; (4) policies and procedures regarding faculty and staff appointments, including tenure appointments; and (5) student recruitment and admissions criteria and policies. Further, the Academic Affairs Committee is delegated the responsibility of making final decisions on appeals from denial of tenure. The Committee may meet, as it deems appropriate, with faculty, staff, and other members of the University community.


  • Dr. Melvin T. Stith, Chair
  • Dr. Ann A. Adams
  • Corynne S. Arnett
  • B. Keith Fulton
  • Michael J. Helpinstill
  • Rodney O. Powell

Staff: Dr. Stacey Franklin Jones, Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs