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Education Goals

(i)  Enhance NSU graduate programs in materials science by integrating students and faculty into a larger and more mature graduate education community

(ii)  Attract talented African American STEM majors to NSU materials science programs by building programs’ reputation for rigor and integrate PREM activities into the experience of students participating in the CMR and College-wide research programs, thereby strengthening STEM undergraduate research and education at NSU.

Meta-PREM Summer, 2014: Research Program for Undergraduate and High School Students

Planning and execution:


This year, we recruited:

  • 6 undergraduate research students
  1. Andrew Devine, Cornell University
  2. Chan Kyaw, Morehouse College (HBCU)
  3. Azzedin Jackson, Purdue University
  4. Maleek Montgomery, Savannah State University (HBCU)
  5. Christopher Ledbetter, Virginia State University (HBCU)
  6. Crystal Bell, Norfolk State University (HBCU)

      (1 from NSU; 2 from Partner Institutions; 3 from other schools, including HBCUs.

  • 7 local-area high school students 
  1. Parima Sahbai, Landstown High School, Virginia Beach, VA
  2. Ben McDowell, Ocean Lakes High School, Virginia Beach, VA
  3. Amariah Sledge, Bethel High School, Hampton, VA
  4. Nicole Greene, Homeschooled, Hampton, VA
  5. Neale Simmons, Norview High School, Norfolk, VA
  6. Omar Mills, Western Branch High School, Chesapeake, VA
  7. Kenneth Hargrove, Faith Academy School of Excellence, Norfolk, VA

Assignment of Projects:

Day to Day Plan of Activities:

With the assistance of current NSU graduate students, we were able to organize this summer research program in an organized, productive and efficient way.  At the beginning of the program, we defined responsibilities and expectations for graduate, undergraduate and high school students.

(For details, please see the attached documents.)

General Agenda:

  • Orientation to the program
  • Labs tours
  • Training on instruments
  • Seminars by faculty and graduate students
  • Formal and Informal surveys/feedback
  • Weekly meetings/Monitoring of the progress
  • Individual student Presentations
  • Participation in WBHR-LSAM conference (together with CSET STARS program)

(For details, please see the accompanying documents.)