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Campus-wide Tutoring

Academic and student support offices across campus offer a variety of tutoring (and mentoring services) for all NSU students. From one-on-one engagements with faculty to group sessions with peer leaders in the Student Success Center, students have access to support for a wide variety of courses.

Dr. Patricia Lynch Stith Student Success Center
Learning Assistance Programs (NGE 125)

Our tutoring programs promote student learning and degree completion by providing academic support services and programs that inform, empower and facilitate student success.

We offer peer tutors (and mentors), as well as supplemental instruction for courses. All students are welcome to take advantage of our resources for specific courses and can sign up using WCOnline

The Writing Center (1st Floor, Lyman Beecher Brooks Library)

We provide individualized writing assistance to students across all disciplines. Consultants (professional tutors) will review areas of concern and target techniques to ensure quality writing projects. Tutors will not simply edit or proofread student papers. They assist students in learning to proofread their own work, explore the writing process, organize information, support sound evidence and develop better writing practices. Appointments are available via WCOnline.

Additional Resources

Academic departments and a variety of other programs on campus (e.g.,  STARS, individual professors, residence Halls and the Honors College) also offer tutoring services. Student should check with their faculty mentor, professors and program staff to link to additional resources.