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Office 365 Transition Information (Faculty / Staff ONLY)

Mail Migration

Your Outlook mailbox will be migrated to Office 365 between now and August 31, 2020. Once complete, you will have a brand new webmail experience and new features that integrate with the rest of the Office 365 suite of tools. 

To see what is new with the Outlook Web experience, view training videos to get the most out of the new system. 

Process for Migration on your PC / Mac

  • You will receive an email with information about when the migration for your mailbox will occur.
  • The evening before your mailbox is migrated, closeout outlook on your computer.
  • Leave your computer on.
  • Overnight your mailbox will be migrated.
  • The next morning, you will open Outlook or Office 365, and you will be prompted to log in a couple of times to accept the new connection.

Microsoft Login 
Microsoft Outlook Login
Mac Outlook

  • Select "Remember my credentials" OR "Always use my response fo this server"

You can safely login to either application. It may take a couple of times, and a little while for the connections to "settle" but it will not interrupt your mail flow.

Mail Migration FAQ

Q: What if I have an Archive PST?
A: If you have an archive PST it should be imported into your mailbox under Inbox->"PST Import", If for some reason you do NOT see this, contact Client Services for assistance. 

Q: What happens with my Rules and Signatures?
A: They should migrate and operate correctly if a rule or signature does not function properly, you may need to recreate the rules and signature.
      - Add a Signature to Outlook
      - Create a rule in Outlook

Q: What will happen to calendars that have been shared?
A: Calendars should continue to work, if not you will need to reshare the calendar.

Q: What about shared mailboxes and distribution groups?
A: Distribution Groups will not be affected. Shared Mailboxes should be fine. If you encounter an issue with your Shared Mailbox, like not updating new messages, please wait a till the next day. If you are still encountering issues please contact client services for troubleshooting steps. 

Q: What is the new URL for Webmail?

Q: The mail app or Outlook on my smartphone or tablet doesn’t update or connect after my migration date?
A: We have found the easiest and quickest way for the mail apps to work is to remove your account and re-add it. Please see the instructions linked below for further assistance:

Outlook for iOS: 
      - Remove Account
      - Add Account

      - Remove Account: Scroll down to "Remove your email account and set it up again"
      - Add Account

Outlook for Android:
      - Remove Account
      - Add Account

      - Remove Account
      - Add Account

Sharepoint migration and will be migrated to SharePoint Online. When completed the links to get to the Table of Contents for each site will be updated here:

[We are also working on a redirect so your old links will work.]


The Office of Information Technology is in the process of launching exciting new network features to include Office 365 applications (a significant upgrade for the existing Office applications we use every day), online file storage, and the migration of our existing SharePoint sites to our new Office 365 SharePoint environment in the cloud. These improvements are being designed both to improve the experience of our staff and students and also to improve our network security and modernize our network infrastructure. 

User Impact: Faculty, Staff, and Students will have access to new applications such as:

  • Office 365 (think Excel, Word, and Outlook) that you can use ANYWHERE
  • Microsoft Teams for messaging (Skype for Business has been deemed End of Life my Microsoft)
  • Microsoft OneDrive for internet file-storage
  • SharePoint Online will host all of NSU’s existing SharePoint sites and applications and will also be accessible from anywhere.

What’s New

  • Departmental SharePoint Sites are migrating to SharePoint Online -- July 31
    • SharePoint sites will now be on SharePoint Online.
      • Will simplify requests for creation of NSU department SharePoint sites
      • Accessible from off-campus
      • Accessible from more types of devices
  • Outlook 365 -- Rolling
    • All users mailboxes will be migrated from campus email to Outlook 365
      • All existing messages and conversations will be migrated automatically
      • All existing mail archives (PSTs) will be moved to your Office 365 mailbox
      • Your email be will be accessible from anywhere
  • Microsoft Teams -- Post Outlook 365​​
  • Skype for Business will be replaced with Microsoft Teams and made open to all
    • Allows for streamlined filesharing and web-conferencing
    • Can be installed on all types of devices
    • Smoother, simpler communication with Staff and Faculty
  • Office 365 -- Ongoing
    • Microsoft Office upgrades to Office 365 for all Faculty and Staff
      • Use Word, Excel, Outlook and others from your web-browser!
      • Access your Office applications on your mobile device
      • Seamless integration with SharePoint and OneDrive for file-sharing and team collaboration
  • Automated Windows Updates and Configuration for Remote Users -- Late Fall
    • Software updates will be automated and will no longer require user intervention
      • Users will no longer be responsible for updating their own machines
      • New reporting features will ensure that OIT is able to identify and correct machines with failed, incomplete, or missing patches.
  • Microsoft OneDrive -- Late Fall
    • Microsoft OneDrive will be implemented to simplify file and resource sharing
      • Access your files from any web-connected computer or device
      • Easily and securely share your documents and files with colleagues
  • Multifactor Authentication – Late Fall to Winter
    • Ways to login to NSU Services with more protection and security.

What Does This Mean for Me?

As OIT begins rolling out these technologies across the campus, we will be updating Faculty, Staff, and Students on what to expect, how to prepare, and what you can do to receive assistance should you need it. You will be able to review this information at any time by visiting the following URL, [Not Active Yet]

Updates to the 2020 Project Roadmap for the Office of Information Technology will also be appended to future Campus Announcements in the hope of ensuring a sense of preparedness and a smooth transition for all Faculty and Staff as we implement these changes. Please refer to these updates for important information pertaining to outage planning, service availability, and support requests.

There will be several announced “work periods” for the items above in the coming months as we continue performing updates and rolling out new changes. If you encounter issues during one of these announced work periods, please send an email to containing the information specified by the bulleted items below, and a technician will be assigned to assist you.

  • A brief description of your problem or question in the subject of the email
  • How many users are impacted if reporting an issue
  • A direct contact number where you can be reached