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Jordan N. Trias
Classification: Junior
Major: Pre-professional Biology
Graduation Date: May 2018

Jordan N. Trias
Jordan N. Trias

Being a presidential scholar has made a world of difference in my educational experience at Norfolk State. It’s not only a recognition of my hard work, but it’s also an honor. I’ve been given the honor and privilege of connecting with others who are dedicated, responsible and persistent in what they do. As a Presidential Scholar, I have been able to engage with dynamic guest speakers, partake in their journeys to success and witness their high-standing ideals of excellence. I have been given new people to look up to and exemplify.

As I have progressed through my college career each semester, my days have gotten busier, but at the same time, my days are more exciting. In addition to being in the presidential scholar program, I am also one of the newest members of the Beta Kappa Chi organization and I’m a paid tutor at the Dr. Patricia Lynch Stith Student Success Center. I am a proud Naval ROTC Midshipman, who will be commissioned as a U.S. Naval officer upon my graduation in the spring 2018.

The presidential scholar program has allowed me to open myself up to more opportunities. I have discovered that I am motivated to study more diligently including long after school hours. I am more connected to people and I give that extra push to myself as a student, midshipman and NSU scholar.

This scholarship fund is an important initiative because it recognizes hard work and dedication to one’s individual success. Receiving the scholarship early in my college career has given me the courage and support to get out of my comfort zone and opened my eyes to so many new opportunities. I network with new people, cultures and experiences. The Presidential Scholars Fund is a great chance to reach success and it definitely should not be taken for granted.