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Tichira Smith
Class of 2017 Graduate
Major: Psychology

Tichira Smith
Tichira Smith

Graduating Senior Helps Launch Proud to Pay Legacy

As I prepare to graduate from Norfolk State University, I began to give serious thought about leaving a legacy. I want to leave something behind . . . something that could help other students. I want the class of 2016-2017 to leave a lasting legacy.

I spoke with my advisor last summer and we talked about several ideas. My advisor suggested that I get in touch with the Office of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving. I did and met the bubbly and exuberant Noelle Cook. Ms. Cook suggested that we raise $5,000 for a book scholarship. I thought it was a great idea, but I had to present it to the senior class cabinet. To my happy surprise, they liked the idea as well. From our discussions and determination to raise this money, the Proud to Pay Legacy was born.

Out of our concern for our fellow students and our caring that they would finish their education, the Proud to Pay Legacy was an ideal solution for the senior class. It’s all about leaving a legacy from our senior class and giving back. Not only are we leaving a legacy behind, but we are starting a new tradition and creating a culture of student philanthropy. The NSU Alumni Association Inc. helped us and we launched the Proud to Pay Legacy last September. We’ve raised $6,500. I presented President Eddie N. Moore, Jr. with the check at the May 6 commencement exercises. President Moore later said that our donation was the largest he’d received from a student organization.

We immediately started an information campaign to communicate with students, faculty and staff. Students from the senior class cabinet set up an information booth in the Student Center every week for two months. We talked to students and professionals alike about the Proud to Pay Legacy and how they could help us meet our goal. The information campaign continued through April of 2017. I’m so delighted that most of the people we approached contributed. I hope that we can keep the energy of the campaign going even after my class graduates in May. The Proud to Pay Legacy is about helping other people. That’s the ultimate goal – making sure other students can complete their education. Being able to leave a legacy behind makes me happy.