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Christopher Banks
Major: Physics
Special Academic Affiliations: Honors College
Hometown: Portsmouth, Virginia

Christopher Banks
Christopher Banks

I decided to major in physics both to challenge myself and to welcome a new way of thinking about the world around me. Physics, as a field, borders on the philosophical, sometimes the only difference between the two being the application of math, and because I liked math and thinking abstractly, physics seemed to be the right choice.

Norfolk State has allowed me to take a variety of courses that gave me a strong background in many STEM topics. Since very few of my courses specialized, I was able to understand the broader impact of my physics and computer science courses. Being a physics major and minoring in computer science has allowed me to branch two seemingly disparate fields through mathematics. Along with that, NSU has strengthened my ability to be persistent in many of the endeavors I engage in. I think this passion is what carried me through much of my research, even when some of the work was beyond what I knew at the time. Many of my professors have provided insight and advice on my educational goals and have influenced my path as I pursue higher education.

I would tell others that NSU has a lot of hidden figures. Our STEM program has many connections and great research opportunities, but it will require reaching out and meeting a variety of people. Thanks to our community being so open and accepting it is very easy to set up meetings with professors and find out about their research interests. NSU provides both a rigorous academic setting as well as an atmosphere of comradery.