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Dr. Wanda Brockington
Title: Associate Professor
School: College of Liberal Arts (Department of Mass Communication and Journalism)

Dr. Wanda Brockington
Dr. Wanda Brockington

I have been at Norfolk State University for 38 years come this August. I started my career here back in 1979. I love this institution and I especially love the mass communication and journalism department. My colleagues and the students have made the journey interesting and exciting to say the least. I believe the college experience is more than the imparting of knowledge in a particular discipline.

My responsibility is not simply to supply students with subject matter pertaining to mass communications and journalism, but rather to share this information and help them develop connectivity to the society around them. In an effort to help them become well-rounded, I not only teach content matter, but fill in where social, cultural and historical “knowledge gaps” exist. I believe in nurturing the total spirit so in the end, we have produced not just a skilled professional, but also a solid and productive citizen of the world. I endeavor to create a classroom atmosphere which is exciting, humorous, relevant and challenging and where participation is welcomed. So that my students will be able to contextualize the material being discussed, I weave current, historical and personal events into the tapestry of the lectures. Of course, emphasis is placed on not only developing and honing the logical/critical thinking and analytical skills, but also on cultivating tolerance for different customs, traditions, values and global perspectives.

My research interests include language and culture, multiculturalism, African American and Native American internet use, media images and stereotypes and media effects. I have a passion for teaching and nurturing. I experienced the nurturing as a student at North Carolina Central University and promised myself I would give back if I were given the opportunity. Outside the classroom experience, I enjoy traveling, shopping, art projects and collecting and wearing bling.

My students help keep my perspective balanced. Since I am a digital “immigrant” (one foot in old school and the other foot in the new world) while they are digital “natives,” I constantly learn from them. I teach the King’s English . . . they teach me their language and we compromise with code switching. I admire their ability to juggle school, work, family and sometimes athletics. The most wonderful blessing in the world is after they graduate – sometimes years later – they reach out to say, “Thanks, you touched my life in a meaningful way.” There is nothing better in the world than that.